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Thread: What modifications to help with "off road" activities?

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    What modifications to help with "off road" activities?

    My daughter is currently using a Colours Boing, she has Spinergy wheels with Natural Fit handrims and 4" casters, plus her beloved Roho cushion. This year we're hoping to try more outdoorsy types of activities...but what do we need to do to her chair to make it more off road friendly? We've been thinking about a freewheel, and I assume we would change the tires to something knobbier but is there anything else? She has limited hand function, so anything to make pushing easier would be great.

    She's due for a new chair in the not too distant future, but we end up paying a huge chunk out of pocket, so I doubt we can afford a whole separate chair for something else.


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    The Freewheel is the single best piece of mobility equipment I own.

    It attaches quickly and easily.

    It allows me to easily roll over grass, gravel, dirt, roots, small rocks, etc.

    If easier offroading is the goal, the Freewheel is THE solution, IMO!

    Knobbies will help, too, but aren't entirely necessary. sells the Freewheel and knobbie wheel sets.

    All you need to attach a Freewheel is a rigid footplate (non-folding).

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    I found knobbies to be the most useful in the snow. Sometimes they hold onto mud which makes your hands dirty ali the time and throw off dirt everywhere.

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    Another option would be thge Freewheel w the ZX-1, the power add on that works w the everyday chair. The ZX-1 is not in production yet since Spinergy bought the rights to it.

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    I use the free wheel, and just put flat protectors in my regular tires. I roll on a lot of sharp gravel roads and have not had a flat sense putting in the flat protectors. I think that nobies would pickup to much mud.
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    A good compromise on the tires is the Schwalbe Marathon. Pricey, but will last for years and provide good on and off road performance with terrific puncture resistance.

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    All the suggestions are good. You could also buy a handcycle, put some off -road tires on it and buy one of Marks Powerpods for the back. I doubt there would be a trail she couldn't make it up.

    Larger offroad tires and knobbies are big and heave. If she has hand function limitations, larger knobbie tries would not be beneficial IMO. They would put a lot of stress on the wrists. The front caster would have to be changed also, 4" would just dig into the ground. There are specially made off road chairs available.

    You could check out the mountain adventures for adapted fun in Colorado. Scott has a thread on his. Looks and sounds pretty amzing.
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