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Thread: Sympathy for Delicious

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    Sympathy for Delicious

    I just randomly saw a movie about a guy who was in an accident and is in a wheel-chair. Titled "sympathy for delicious" directed by mark ruffallo.

    It was so good at first! showed the frustration of wheel-chair life, how people approached him, even how he got into the car, his hand-controls, this particular dude was homeless and lived in his car....

    but then it took a CRAAAZZZZYYY tturned where all of a sudden he became this guy who could heal people but he couldnt heal himself, to his dismay, as some sort of cruel cosmic joke.

    the way I described it; it sounds awesome.

    but it sucked so bad after the first 20 minutes.

    They also had a chance at a sex-scene (ala coming home) but they cut away, damn pussies!

    well, at least there are more films being made with characters who use wheel-chairs, just to bad a lot of them suck

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    I drifted off about 30mins. in when I ended up seeing it too-it got a bit dodgey.
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