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Thread: who uses their webcam?

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    who uses their webcam?

    my laptop has one built in.
    anyone use theirs and what for?

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    i use mine for skype and to take pics but mainly for skype

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    skype occasionally, but not so much anymore-mostly to chat with my best friend in San Diego, to play stupid games with my neice, for family that lives far... Sometimes Christopher and I will talk smack. They're good to have.
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    Skype and the chat on facebook
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    Skype/FaceTime with family and friends. We used to take ridiculous pictures, but those are buried now.
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    Regarding "webcam ... anyone use theirs and what for?" - a simple webcam was used to video these little wheelchair cushion videos.

    Logitech; the manufacturer of the webcam used to video the little wheelchair cushion videos, offers a Skype-like service called Logitech Vid. The Logitech Vid service is not as feature-rich as Skype. However, when Skype is "full" (i.e., when Skype's popularity/bandwidth limit causes it to be too busy to accept new sessions), the Logitech Vid service still works.
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    Had a great time Skyping over the holidays with family and friends scattered across the country. I also have a separate webcam that I use to make videos.
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    I'll skype if someone wants to. havnt brushed my hair in a week though I do bathe daily.

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    Daily? You're better than me! I use mine for skyping mostly, but I take a surprising amount of pics with me and my friends.

    Still waiting on that holiday smackdown

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    I have got a couple of Logitech 9000 HD WebCams, absolutely awesome they are. I use one of them for Skype, the other one is connected to the computer by my radio Equipment, I either use it on live stream, or make YouTube videos of my conversations with people around the world

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