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Thread: YouTube and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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    YouTube and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    Has anyone else experienced computer crashes when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking within YouTube?

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    it has happened to me several times!

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    Since YouTube recently revamped their website, I cannot use Dragon NaturallySpeaking at all in YouTube, in fact in many cases if I have youTube open and I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in another application, YouTube completely crashes and I've either got to reboot the computer, or go into task manager and close it down. I don't know whether other people are having this problem but it happens on more than one computer. It could possibly have something to do with Firefox, I don't know because I haven't done extensive testing of any other browser. All I know is that I avoid using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in YouTube now.

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    It's not necessarily being on YouTube, either. It can be any page that has a YouTube-style video on it. This includes the forum pages here, as well.

    I use Firefox and Seamonkey as my primary browsers, occasionally IE. It happens on all of them.

    I've started using YouTube Downloader ( ) and downloading everything to watch later. It's a pain, but it works.

    Right click on the video and either "copy video location" or "copy embed code." With the code, paste into notepad and get rid of everything except the "" until the "?".

    As an example:

    iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen

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    I can't say I have had a problem with websites that have YouTube embedded on the Page, only the you Tube website themselves. It was pretty bad for the upgrade, now it's absolutely awful, I wonder if anyone has told them? For a website that is supposed to be worth a few billion dollars, not very good if it's not accessible to people using basic speech recognition software. Mind you, they might well turn around and say that it's dragons fault, they may well have a point.

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    I use DNS 11 Pro. I have not had any problems Dragon NaturallySpeaking and YouTube when using Google Chrome or Firefox.
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    I tried downloading the program and couldn't do it. Can you tell me how, what to click etcetera or post a link?


    I figured it out :-)

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