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Thread: I LOVE Berlin!

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    I LOVE Berlin!

    Still to date, Berlin has to be one of my favorite places I've traveled to. The flatness of it, the transportation, the hotels not to mention the attractions are very wheelchair friendly. Doing what I do, I was recently introduced to a tour company in Berlin and told me about two different accessible boat tours that I had no idea about. Now I need to go back! Until then my traveling friends here is an article on Berlin, which talks about the city, transportation, hotels, attractions and tours if you are interested. Enjoy!

    Berlin Attractions & Tours

    Here's also another piece I wrote before I started this wheelchair traveling thing about Berlin. It was my first trip but not my last.

    Berlin - A City of Many Surprises

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    super cool! I too had never really thought of Berlin..will now

    Thanks for sharing.
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