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Thread: What do you pay for Medicare Part B insurance? Can Part B cos. deny us for pre-exist

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    What do you pay for Medicare Part B insurance? Can Part B cos. deny us for pre-exist

    Pre-existing conditions, that is. I am scheduled to start Medicare Part A in June and Part B Supplemental one to six months later, depending on the insurance carrier's rules on pre-existing conditions. Blue Cross, for example, has a three-month waiting period for pre-existing.

    I currently pay $1,469 monthly in high risk ins. pool premiums. That will go up to $1,680 next month unless I can qualify for a mere $823-a-month low income high-risk pool policy.

    Can insurers charge exorbitant rates for Part B based on pre-existing conditions?

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    Hi Peter....

    This should help you understand your rights under HIPAA....Health Insurance Portability Act.

    If you do have a pre existing this should help you. As long as there is no break in coverage, you should have no trouble getting a Part B secondary insurance.
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    These are complex questions and don't have a one size fits all answer depending on whether you have been on medicare for all or some part of your disability, if you are retiring from a company with whom you had medical insurance, etc. Below are a couple of sites that might help. Also try a few internet search with terms like:
    "can medigap insurance charge higher premiums for pre existing conditions"
    "medicare pre existing conditions"
    "medigap plans vs advantage plans"

    Pre existing conditions
    Question: My wife has my pre-65 medical insurance now but will be turning 65 in March. She was just informed that she will have to have heart surgery for a bad valve that she has had for many years. What should I do for her insurance? Does the fact that she had this problem for a long time prevent her from getting any insurance other then Medicare plans A and B?

    Answer here:

    Information about Creditable Coverage:

    Question: I am turning 65 and will be getting Medicare soon. I am confused about how Medicare handles the coverage of my already existing medical problems. Does Medicare cover these medical conditions, or do I have to wait a while before they are covered?

    Answer here:

    Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Rights also known as "Medigap Protections." Guaranteed issue rights are privileges you are due from a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan under a defined set of circumstances.

    Good article from the beginning, but for explanation of Guaranteed Issue Rights scroll down about 3/4 of the page:

    All the best,

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