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They chose to use standard clamps instead of quick-release because of price- and as Jeff points out, the original cost gets "multiplied many times"... If they quibble about a $5 clamp, why not a $200 shock that could be replaced with a $1 lightweight plug? I can maybe see the k9 vs k5 coding, but I don't understand why you have to have a different model to get different coding- can't that be done with different components, same design? So you can get the base model mostly paid with insurance, and then upgrade it as needed till you have the top of the line. Anyway, it would be sad if someone didn't have the $200 extra and had to get a Quickie instead...
Tell ya what, you find a $1 lightweight "plug" with the same dimensions, hardware mounts, and load capacity as an air shock, and I'll test it. Heck, I'll buy 10 & give 9 away for that price.

The A1 frame was strategically designed for suspension. How many full-suspension mountain bikes do you see with "plugs" for riders who want to make them hardtails? Zero.