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Thread: New to handcycling - want to offset cranks

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    Question New to handcycling - want to offset cranks

    Hi. I am very new here (a few minutes ago, I registered).

    I have a slightly used, new to me, Invacare trike, top end hand cycle. I did a few "runs" (ha ha) on it last night. Fun.

    It's set up with the cranks synchronized. What I mean is both hands are up and both hands are down at the same time.

    Question: can I offset them? So I pump down with one while up with the other? It *seems* an allen wrench (hex) will allow me to detach one (either one) of the crank shafts (sorry, I don't know the proper terminology, probably - just downloaded an owner's manual), so maybe I could flip it to the opposite position of the other one... Is there a notch or groove or something that might prevent this?

    (The thing runs GREAT right now and I don't want it FUBAR, y'know?!)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just wondering why you would want to do that? I would think (and this is strictly from my perspective and experience which is not high) that it is easier to crank up hills with them not being offset.
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    you might be right (since every model I see has them in unison)... I guess I am "driven" by my recalled image of the PT machine they had me on when I had broken my humerus (bone between elbow and shoulder, not funny, ha ha)... probably then (now that I think about it), the purpose was for the unbroken side to "carry" some of the burden while we worked up mobility then strength on the healing side...

    I'll work with it a few more rides as is... (and I'll watch this forum for the experiential wisdom that seems to abound on this scenario)...


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    it will not track straight with them offset. rep
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    People sometime ask me why there not offset. And I tell them that you would have a hell of a time steering if they were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    it will not track straight with them offset.
    this is the biggest issue.

    but go ahead and try it. you can always switch back.

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    steering! AHA! that would be critical... since the heavy spring that holds it in basic "straight" would indeed get a workout as I alternated, I guess!

    Thanks for setting me "straight"!

    (it never ceases to amaze me: the simplest things I cannot see!)

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    First bike I built in '76 had offset cranks. I didn't know any better because handcycles weren't made back then. For one, a person rocks side to side as they crank. There's a double amp, who was/is one of the fastest riding with offset cransk.

    For me the biggest difference is in the power stroke. A person gets much more power with both arms rather than offset.

    Welcome to forum and handcycling. I suggest you fill out your profile so we know more about who you are. Not sure of your level of injury which makes a difference on how your bike should be setup.

    If you get hooked, like so many of us have, this won't be your last bike.

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    Tried offset, HORRIBLE.

    A great deal of energy is wasted.

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    When an offset would be nice is when you're on a trainer, precisely because 1) no need for steering and 2) the extra energy you expend makes it a fantactic workout.

    I couldn't do it if I wanted to on my LC-1, unless I started drilling - the crank arms can only only go in one way on an LC-1.

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