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    Hi all, I'm c4/5 complete, living independently. I work FT, and live comfortably. Due to my work-related expenses, I am still able to qualify for attendant care coverage through medical assistance. I am currently eligible for 55 hours per week. My concern is that I am right at the limits for medical assistance coverage, so it is only a matter of time before I may lose coverage. In addition, now that I have recently paid off some student loans, I now have some extra income I'd like to invest. Of course, I am unable to with medical assistance. So what do people do who don't qualify for attendant care assistance through the State do? I certainly could not pay for 55 hours of attendant care coverage.

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    Wow, this is the rock and hard place I'm stuck between!
    I'm also a c4/5 complete and I don't qualify for state assistance due to money I receive every month from a settlement, yet it isn't enough to pay for the amount of attendant care I need..
    Currently my "aging" mother is my primary caregiver thankfully she works for free and I pay some one else to help in the mornings. But when Ma can no longer handle those tasks I'm not sure what I'm going to do I do know I've lost a lot of sleep over it..
    Our politicians could help us out a lot by changing a few rules/laws but that's not going to happen. . They would rather cut assistance send more money overseas!

    As for your particular situation what is it you do can some of your wages be paid in cash? And the extra you have to invest is there someone close to you you would trust putting it in their name to invest?

    We should be able to do like our politicians put our money in offshore banks and investments and not have to worry about it. . then these same politicians tell us we are only allowed so much money and so many hours
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    So what do people do who don't qualify for attendant care assistance through the State do?
    You probably have a state ombudsman, or other advisor you can ask about this...or maybe you can find a financial advisor who knows the options. For example, if you could put your extra income into something like a 401k that doesn't really count as current income...

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    You might try to find a lawyer who has worked special needs trusts.

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