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Thread: Successful Flap surgery photos

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    Check out the photos of a successful ischial flap surgery. They show the growth of a wound from pinhole through Stage IV; then follow healing process after surgery. Only shows up thru Google search (its a Google-based web page, Bing doesn't show it) go to

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    I wonder how this person is doing now for their sitting program. We would have some serious concerns about the location of the flap incision, since it runs right over the ischium. Scar tissue is much less resilient to pressure than flap (muscle/skin combo) moved over a bony area like this.


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    current sitting routine

    First thing to do was cut the back-pockets off my pants, so there is no hard seams under me. Switched to a Roho air cushion with 3 inch tall air cells. There is so much give and movement in the cushion that leaning from side-to-side shifts pressure, and hook my arm around the canes to get completely off the ischials, along with tilt-backs in the chair a few times every hour seems to be working. Happy New Year!

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