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    Question Baclofen Question

    I currently take very low dose of Baclofen. Only 10mg and trazedone at night has helped take the edge off of the nerve pain in my calves. That is until now. My legs and feet are killing me. I want to take more of it, it was originally prescribed to take 3 10mg a day. The only worries I have is that it is going to make me tierd all day. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything better to get rid of this burning, tingling, cramping, spasming, in my legs?? Or should I just start taking it the three time a day??

    (I have tried neurotin, lyrica and did not like them at all.)

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    I like the Baclofen, it doen't make me tired at all. It doesn;t take the edge off all the time but does help. I take an Antytriptelyne at night to help sleep too. Have you tried any Hydrocodone? I only take a 500mg. when I get a lot of burning sensations. It does take the edge off. The only problem I have found with any drugs is the body gets so used to the doses they just don't work after a while. I try to only take something at night to sleep and stay clean during the day. I wish you well . Maybe experiment with the three times a day and just see what happens after a few days.

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    I take Norco 10's , for pain but it doesnt seem to touch this awful stuff in the calves. although when i take two of them i am in la la land so i guess it wouldnt matter about the calves at that point lol

    i take ultram 200mg er every day. Use the Norco for breakthrough pain. have been thinking of trying the medical marijuana for this nerve stuff. I have my card and am leagal in MI but have never tried it. Just wanted my card if the need ever arised. would be intrested to know if others have found relief using it for nerve pain though.

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