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Thread: siobhan reynolds, pain relief advocate, dies

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    siobhan reynolds, pain relief advocate, dies

    this was sent to me today.

    the video at the end is worth a look.

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    That is SO sad She really tried to help a lot of people, AND DID . Its soooo messed up that even people with SCI have to not only endure all the hardships of one of the worst disabilities but also again, and again I see stories here of people who have horrid pain and still can not get the medicines that make their life bearable. I thought that I was happy to find the Pain relief network site but it looks like they have shut it down due to pressure from the gov't. There needs to be more sites like that one, as this problem seems to only be getting worse.
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    This is very sad, I didn't realise there was such a problem until I read this and saw her video... She's a true hero for the work she did! It's absolutely disgusting that just because a medication is abused by a minority, the people who genuinly need it are made to suffer.
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