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    Angry dirtbike accident

    I was recently injured in a dirtbike accident. I was on a federal trail up north in michigan and the dirtbike is uninsured. My insurance doesnt want to pay for anything. They wont pay for a ramp cause they say that is why my fiance learned to wheelchair bump. They say I dont need a shower chair cause I can sponge bathe, and I am a t-6 so I can bathe myself and get in and out of the shower unassisted. I also have a two story home which I am unable to get up stairs to my bedroom, luckily I have a bedroom downstairs that used to be my daughters playroom that has been transformed into the "bedroom". I was just wondering if there is anybody in my position and what there insurance covers and, or if they some how got compensatin for there injury?

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    Get a good lawyer. If you paid for insurance and it's in your policy, they should pay. Your fiance bumping you up and down stairs is tough on her physically.

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    I had no one to sue. I was injured during a tornado, while camping in a remote spot. I have health insurance, which was a huge blessing. However, it hasn't covered things like shower chairs or home remodeling. We had a ramp put in the garage over a year ago because I was in a chair, but we paid for that ourselves. Now that I can walk again, the ramp was removed. I can't tell you how much money we spent on things like splints, boots, chairs, canes, etc, that I have no use for anymore. I'm looking for a place that will take such things as I'd love for someone to get use from them.

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    I would find a lawyer to "talk to them" its up to YOUR Dr to decide what you need not them...

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