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Thread: Cell Phone Insurance?

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    Cell Phone Insurance?

    Anyone have this for theirs? Anyone have positive or negative experiences making claims?
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    I lose, drop and drown phones on a very regular basis so it's definitely worth the $7/month for me (even with the $100 deductible per claim). I believe most carriers offer insurance through a company called Asurion. I have no complaints. Everything is usually resolved in one phone call (I think you can even do it all online now) and they overnight your new equipment for free... often including free extras like a car charger or SD card. I hope this helps.

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    I have AT&T amd carry the insurance on myself as well as my teens. I have only had to pay the $50 for my phone repair once--my insurance extends the warranty. It has been well worth the $5.00 per month. AT&T has been seamless in the return/exchange. I have even gotten a better phone as has my son.

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    I have had insurance on my phone from the day I switched from AT&T (Houston Cellular at the time) to T-Mobile. And have used it at least once a year (sometimes more). I have gone thru BlackBerrys like water. I JUST exchanged a Bold because of a battery issue last month (it was low on internal memory also which caused other issues). I am HOPING this one lasts me 11 more months then I am switching to a different phone (Android OS, not sure of the exact phone yet, but it will be something with a physical keyboard).

    I started out paying the $9.99 for 7-10 day shipping, but after a replacement phone got lost, I switched to the $15 3 day shipping option.

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    For me it is definitely worth it, but they only cover two replacement phones annually before they cancel your coverage. Another possible negative is that the replacements are refurbished not new, unless you have a phone hat went into production yesterday, so sometimes they aren't perfect. Like a button that doesn't always work unless you push it harder than the others etc. Otherwise if anyone of you has purchased a phone at regular retail with ought all of their incentives for new contract etc. they will agree hat retail is a lot more. between 2005 and 2008 I was going through a new phone at least 6 times per year. And even just the met basic crappy phone was costing me around $300 ea. at full retail.

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