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Thread: Work issues

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    Work issues

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    Since you quit I assume you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. I would have recommended that before going on leave you file a formal Request for Accommodation under ADA to put them on notice you would not be intimidated. I think since you quit you may have closed the door on educating the employer. I understand you are under stress due to your disability issuews. I hate that employers often play this game.

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    i'd still contact eeoc and explain your story or maybe a lawyer
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    oh im sorry you couldnt have stuck it out a minute longer, but that is what she intended.
    her threats were empty. she couldnt fire you or she would have already.

    that person not only discriminated againts you for your disability, she harrassed you without mercy until you caved.

    I think you should seek legal council. she obviously knows very well how to intimidate and manimpulate someone to the point of abuse.
    Is there nothing that can be done about this?
    she doesnt own the place. I would be composing a letter to her bosses, and let them know what happened.

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