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Thread: Leg bag emptiers?

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    Leg bag emptiers?

    Hello, I'm considering getting a leg bag emptier and wondering if anyone could help me with some questions. I've read an old thread on the subject and so found various different products. But because I'm blind and have never seen one of these things I still don't think I understand fully how they work. For anyone who uses one, could you explain where the bag empties into? Are you able to aim into a toilet, or do you use something else? Also is there anyone from the UK here and do you use one here? They don't seem as widely available here.

    The reason I'm considering getting one is until now I've been using Coloplast's Simpla "cyphon bag". This was great because it had a long exit tube on it, and I just pointed that towards the toilet or a bottle and could empty it myself. But I've been told this product is being discontinued soon and now trying to figure out a way I can empty the bag myself hopefully. If it was possible to attach a long tube to the exit from the bag I'd do that but so far I haven't come across any stand-alone tubes. Even if I wear a large capacity (1500ml) bag it would need emptying at some point, and while I do have care I've become used to just going and emptying myself when I need to and am reluctant to go backwards a step and rely on someone else again. I have use of one hand and can't lean forwards so it's pretty difficult to pull up trousers, empty bag into bottle and shut it again without dropping things or making a mess. Also I can't always get my trousers back down again and can't tell (because I can't feel or see it) whether they're down properly. Wearing skirts is an option but is colder and would still not solve the problem completely as it's still difficult doing everything with one hand.

    I'd be really grateful if anyone has any suggestions or could describe to me how leg bag emptiers work, or if you recommend any particular products. Thanks.

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    Hi "wheelysneakycat,"
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community.

    I don't use a leg bag emptier and I don't know much about them. However, a few years ago, I did look at a couple. There are some that run off of batteries and there are models that are mechanical that require you to do more than just push a button. Lots will depend on your level of ability to deal with different models and how much you want to spend. They run from about $250 up to $500 depending on complexity, features and accessories.

    Here are a couple of website and phone numbers. All of the companies seem willing to take calls with your questions. I'm sure they can walk you through everything to answer your questions.

    The Pump, runs on batteries and uses a pump - Phone: 509-329-6265

    JB-3, a mechanical model - Phone: 1-888-767-1924

    RD Equipment, batteries - 508-362-7498.

    There are some good videos on the internet if you search for "Leg Bag Emptiers." Maybe someone could watch them for you ad describe what they are seeing.

    All the best,

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