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Thread: SCI and Divorce..

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    Sorry to hear about your situation. Your injury is lower than mine. If I can I'm sure you can. I am a t3 complete and have been babysitting my adopted nephew since he was 2 week old. Basically, I have to get up @4 every day, leave the house by 6 and get to my brother's house by 7. I usually don't leave until after dinner. My brother works long hrs so he doesn't get home until 8 or 9, which means I get home around 10 or 11. My nephew is now 4 month old,and he is healthy and strong as a bull. I say screw those who think SCI can not take care of a child. I believe I'm a better parent than most parents with 100% functionality.
    Best of luck.
    T3 Complete
    to my alarm: "quiet b*tch! I know what I have to do every two hr. Argggggg!!!!"

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    i'm SCI fortunately not divorced (was not legal here till last year) but it has been Rocky.
    As women are socially seen as natural Mum.s most probably on an equal par it will be very likely that they who custody irrelavant of the SCI condition . On another note i can easily look at an sci woman, forget all about the Chair and say wow and probably miss a heart beat.
    Alas i put men in a different category.

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