I have a fairly new SCI (T5/6)..i am currently going through divorce proceedings where the mother of my two children assumes that i am "totally disabled"..and that i need help to care for my children..i believe i have more ability in one pinky finger than she has in her whole body..i am only saying this because i feel that i am being discriminated against and that being paraplegic is not being "totally disabled"..i workout three times a week and have proven that i can take care of my children alone..i can drive a car..although I am not medically cleared to drive..my motivation is quite obvious..i do not like to sit around and mope about my injury..i am willing to fight for joint custody of my children..i really hate the fact that people can be so quick to judge someone because they are paralyzed..my mind is the muscle that matters more..if anyone has been through a situation such as mine..i would really appreciate some information about dealing with disability discrimination..Thank You..