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Thread: what do guys want

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    east o the southern warren
    puppy pictures!

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    i would like a walter pk380 or a traxxas r/c truck or boat. or the best one of all just to wake up and be the day before my accident but still remember everything so not only would i not get in my friends car i could also get rich on buying stocks in company's like apple,aol,google,yahoo oh and bet on buster douglass to beat mike tyson odds were 80 to 1. i think that about it.
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    If he drinks, you can get him some boos. I think I will get my wife a case of champagne
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Flashlights. Leatherman tool, GPS unit, membership to the Beer of the Month Club, gloves, the Adele CD, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, Crown Royale, fishing supplies, assorted nuts, pre-paid movie tickets, toolbox, fleece vest or throw blanket, custom shot glass, hat from a favorite sports team, wii/PSP game, insulated coffee cup or thermos, BBQ supplies.

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    Things with buttons.

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    oh well

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    A two post lift for my garage so i can wheel under a car to change to oil instead of dragging myself under it beside my jelly belly gets in the way.... A new steelhead fishing rod and some hooks..

    Anban: if you like crown royal try some Pendelton its very smooth great stuff...

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    some great idea's,
    I ended up getting this robotic instrument tuner. (something Id want for myself actually.)
    it winds the string and tunes it to pitch all by itself. It was 44 bucks.

    and this Rc guy in a trike toy. It is huge, but rechargable. It cost the same as the tuner.

    my plutonic guy friend got lounge pants, a bottle of bourbon, and a fuzzy blanket, a fuzzy kitty blanket, and catnip. so he and his buddy(one of my rescue rehome kittens from last year) can hang out in comfort.

    My son is getting a Banjo I rescued and repaired.

    someone got a remote control heli that didnt get one last year, and all the ladies, my daughter and daughter in law are gettig pajama jeans. (love mine)

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    A pair of muck boots and a juice steamer for hubby. A new treadmill for me. Santa came early.

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