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Thread: Working, Wanting to Work & Not Working...

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    Great news! Hoping for the best, and if all goes well, a smooth transition into a dream JOB!

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    Good Luck Kyle!!! Can't wait to hear the details
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    I was retired for a year when I acquired my SCI so I am not looking for work.

    However, I thought I would share my experience when I was still able bodied and worked as a manager for a couple of counties. I worked for the two counties for a total of 25 years and was either in charge of "buildings" or had influence over "building" decisions. For all of the 25 years I "acted" as an advocate for the wheelchair bound trying to make sure that the departments would be ready to hire a wheelchair bound person and not wait until someone applied for a job to consider how to make the building wheelchair accessible. I say "acted" because I really had no comprehension of all of the problems people with SCI face each day. But I did make sure that desks were far enough apart so a person in a wheelchair could get through and bathrooms were accessible, etc.

    The point of this story, however, is that in 25 years, I am not aware of any wheelchair bound person ever applying for a job at the departments for which I worked. Most of the jobs were desk jobs and didn't require lifting or anything. I thought they were perfect jobs for anyone in a wheelchair. I never understood why no wheelchair persons ever applied.

    I have a better understanding now. For those of you who work, my hat is off to you.
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone... Well I went to my went surprisingly well. The interviewers were great and were relaxed about my wheelchair use/disability. The topic barely came up because it was really a non-issue. The position I applied for is a "desk job" so it is one I could do.
    I'll find out in a few weeks if I'm going to be offered the job...or not. Wish me luck!

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