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Thread: how to deal with caregiver's req for pay increase when my income remains the same? W

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    Even those with family and lots of cgs. aren't always safe

    The story sickens me, even more so because I became Debbie's aide when the agency aides we originally had wouldn't show up. asked to borrow money, stole from us, didn't do squat, and the last one physically abused Debbie. That was the last straw. I have a pretty good idea what would have happened to Debbie if I hadnt' been there.

    Now that I've worked as an aide for other clients, I know that the ones who've had aides for some time place a high value on being able to trust their aide. It's tough to give someone you don't know access to your home and your well-being and if you find someone you trust, that's worth a lot.

    I can tell you that I get paid the same whether I do a lot of personal care for someone or just housekeeping.

    I dont' know if you'd be overpaying or not. There are a lot of factors to consider in that. I get that you can't afford it, though, even if you learned that 15/hr. is a fair rate. And what do you do if you can't get care paid for by the government and can't afford to pay it yourself and don't have family to help? To be brutally honest, in my neck of the woods the only option I know is to burn through one's money paying for care until your income is low enough to qualify for state help.

    I hope you find a much better solution. I find the lack of options for many people I've cared for to be incredibly frustrating.
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