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Thread: Empi 300 pv NMES/TENS Device for sale

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    Empi 300 pv NMES/TENS Device for sale

    I used this unit after a back injury at work, it worked wonderfully and I am up and going again. This unit is complete, although I used all the electrodes. I have one set of used, but you can order more. I will include reorder numbers for electrode for you convenience. The set includes the unit, carrying case, 4 batteries, battery charger, cables, used electrodes, manual, and carrying case. The unit is in very good condition and complete. Like everyone else I paid $1300.00 new for my unit, but I am looking to sell it for $350.00 OBO. I will pay the standard UPS ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. If you are not familiar with this unit I have included a link for you to look at.

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    I am getting lots of views but no inquiries so I am dropping the price to $275.00 OBO I will pay UPS ground shipping.

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    If anyone is looking for an EMPI TENS unit let me know what they are going for. It is just sitting around collecting dust and I am willing to come down on the price.

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    Hi there!
    Do you still have the EMPI unst? How many stations does it have? 4,6, or 8? I need one, can pay through Paypal.... need all instructions, electrode re-order info etc.

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    Anyone interested in this EMPI at $225.00?

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    Yes I still have the Empi and I will take $225.00 for it.

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    My Empi has 7 NMES PPRs settings and 2 custom settings for a total of 9. Everything is included as stated including manual/Instructions and reorder numbers on original electrode bag. Bag also has contact address and phone number of manufacture so you can reorder.

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