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    Thumbs up Off the charts

    Here I am typing away my Viscious Experience I would not wish on my worst enemy
    In this forum I feel comfortable because My pain is off the charts
    I wish I could crawl out of my ol body and just get rid of this f---kin Pain

    They put me on Lyrica It does nothing !!
    If I take Norco all that does is constipate the crap out of me
    Been resorting to simple ol Goody's or BC powders

    Dag nab it !!!
    gosh I hate this pain it radiates throught my body

    Probably tomorrow i'll ohpefully have my Van fixed it is in the shop but ASAP I am going to the Dr
    There has to be some thing to help me

    Pain and me are 2 enemies

    Pain sucks
    Sorry for my ranting but my spine / pain is tearing me up
    Maybe I can be Reincarnated into a Crab that changes shells
    Why is it off he chart's ?
    Someone slap me


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    Judy, hope it gets better soon...I see a really big cold front is in your area, when temp change here in OK my son feels it...stay warm and toasty and try and have a Merry Christmas! Haven't been around much but check in now and then...

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    Unhappy Woo meeee


    Thank you
    It is unreal I feel like a human weather machine lol
    Right now I am sitting in my recliner poking away trying to deal with the Pain
    Life will get better
    I just wished I knew when
    Sorry everyone that I feel like crap
    There is no other words to describe this uncomfortable feeling that radiates throughout my ol body
    Just one of them Bad ugly day's
    I'll call it Misery

    you would think with all the technology and fancy Dr lingo that someone would
    figure out a solution
    The only one I have is Crawl out of my body
    Too bad medical technology cant find a answer to spinal internal excruciating pain

    Baaah Humbug and Dag Nab it
    If I was a sick horse or cow then
    Ok shoot me put me out of my misery lol
    this ol lady is plain fed up with Spinal Pain
    What a day
    Especially when you feel under the weather

    Today sucks
    Sorry for my ranting / venting
    My upper back feels like no words can describe

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    Ow, sorry to hear of your troubles! I hope things improve for you soon! If your van is still in the shop, can someone take you to the Dr? If I were closer, I'd pick you up myself.

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    Talk about it. Say anything you want. When I write about my pain it helps me forget about it a little, while I'm writing. It gets me another five minutes. The worst part for me usually is not know when it will end. Then it does and I forget how bad it was. Good, I don't want to remember.

    I honestly can't figure why there isn't a cure for pain, it seems we can do nearly everything else. I used to fantasize about having hypodermics of lidocaine around. Things get bad, I would just numb the area, like at the dentist. The solution seemed ideal to me. Apparently there would be complications. One night about a dozen years ago I had some crazy thoughts about how to make the pain stop. I won't repeat them now but I will say that my thinking that night taught me how crazy pain can make you. It can make you actually crazy.

    So talk away and say anything. I bet most folks here will understand. :-)

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    (((Judy))) Don't apologize.
    Is the Lyrica new? Dave did not get relief until he bumped up to 150 3X a day.
    It isn't perfect, but it helps him much of the time.
    Until SCI became part of our life I would have never dreamed there was such a thing as this type of pain. I thought there must be SOMETHING and searched online until I found CC.
    Reading of everyone's pain and the common words used to describe it and that there was not a consistant "fix" was a rude shock.
    Don't ever apologize for venting.

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