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Thread: 6 months post injury

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    6 months post injury

    Hello everyone..i was injured in a car accident june 3rd of this year. Im a t8t9 complete. I shattered one of the verts and fused from t6 to t11.I also had fractures in my neck along with 10 broken ribs and collapsed both lungs. I consider myself lucky to be alive but living like this just sucks only 25! Anyway, ive been going to rehab at mercy medical hospital in wisconsin. I havent recovered movement or sensation. My abs do flex all the way down to my pubic bone just very that normal? Also muscles in my back contract below level of that normal. I purchased the new glider machine that i stand up at least an hour everyday. My grandmother has given me a electrodes machine so i can get my muscles in my legs to contract some so they dont shrink so fast. Well i thought i would just introduce myself and ask a cpl questions. This website contains a lot of unanswered questions that i have so ill read some more before i ask repeated questions. Thanks

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    Yes, sounds all normal to me.

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    Sounds like your functioning T-11, T-12. Iam T-10 and never had any ab function/control. I was injured 6/6/70 also at age 25. Since my injury I went back to school, married, worked 30 years in my field and now retired. Even if you don't have further recovery of function you can lead a great, fulfilling life. Sorry you had to join the club.

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    The first year was the hardest for me and it's been almost 6 so far. I'm a complete T10 and had the same issues as you in the beginning. I'm currently 24yrs old, a college student, and am happy with my life. Things will get easier for you and life will be less sucky once you're accustomed to living in your new situation. Things take time is all. If ya need someone to talk to you can send me a PM.

    I was also offered the electrode machine for my legs. Your legs are inevitably going to atrophy so I never really saw the point of keeping muscle in them.

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    Welcome Rell,

    You can ask questions here about anything and get informative replies. You'll also make many friends here.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the welcome. WONDERDerek..i understand my muscles will shrink but doesnt it make sense to keep as much muscle as you can in case a "cure" does come along within the next say 5 years? I just think save what you can and recovery will come along faster. I use the TENS electrodes a a lot on my back as well and i notice a difference. Well i saw my doctor again yesterday and i do have reflexes still in my legs. I also asked him about having another MRI done but he says because the hardware in my back the image of the cord will be blurry. I read Dr. WISE article about MRI's being important but if the image is blurry whats the point? I had recent x-rayz done and my neuro surgeon says everything looks good. Any input i can appreciate.

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    Rell, welcome, but sorry you were hurt. I am 13 mo post walking with a cane. I would say do what ever you can to keep strength up. You are very young, a cure may be around the corner we pray at least.

    It is hard to keep spirits up and not want the old life back, you will go thru many emotions and it is ok to ask for help, there are lots of good people on this site with much wisdom, love and concern.

    Wishing the best for you.
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    Hi Rell, sorry to hear about your accident. It's a tough go at first, but as time passes, you'll figure life out again. Keep testing the boundaries of the 'complete' diagnosis. So often, that label gets put on a person in the beginning, before the spinal cord has had any chance to recover. However, as seems to be the case with you, some function can happen after things settle down a bit. If it is true that you have function below your injury site, you should make the most of it, with estim, therapy, whatever you can manage. SCIs are a hard recovery but many people recover enough to pick up the threads of their former life. Ask as many questions as you like on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rell86 View Post
    Hello everyone..i was injured in a car accident june 3rd of this year. Im a t8t9 complete. ... I havent recovered movement or sensation. My abs do flex all the way down to my pubic bone just very that normal? Also muscles in my back contract below level of that normal.
    Hey Rell,

    Sorry to welcome you to the 'club.'

    I'm t12 complete(ish). After SCI, there is a lot of swelling which prevents you from really knowing how much you'll get back. Don't be surprised if you suddenly start getting some return of sensation or movement more than a year after the accident.

    Also, I don't know whether it's "return" or not, but once I got into a consistent and intense workout routine, my functional level moved from basically t10 down to the point where I function like an L1 injury. I can't emphasize enough how valuable it is to maximize the fitness of what you still CAN control, while at the same time pushing to regain function below the injury.

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    glad and sorry to meet you, welcome.

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