Hello everyone..i was injured in a car accident june 3rd of this year. Im a t8t9 complete. I shattered one of the verts and fused from t6 to t11.I also had fractures in my neck along with 10 broken ribs and collapsed both lungs. I consider myself lucky to be alive but living like this just sucks lol..im only 25! Anyway, ive been going to rehab at mercy medical hospital in wisconsin. I havent recovered movement or sensation. My abs do flex all the way down to my pubic bone just very weak.is that normal? Also muscles in my back contract below level of injury.is that normal. I purchased the new glider machine that i stand up at least an hour everyday. My grandmother has given me a electrodes machine so i can get my muscles in my legs to contract some so they dont shrink so fast. Well i thought i would just introduce myself and ask a cpl questions. This website contains a lot of unanswered questions that i have so ill read some more before i ask repeated questions. Thanks