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Thread: How to influence (our) foundations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paolocipolla View Post
    ICORD here talks about a meeting to discuss the incentive prize approach.
    I don't know if they are still interested in the idea.
    I am afraid that if they get involved they may screw up everithing.

    b) they might screw up everything

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    so now we need to create that pot of gold right

    how to do this


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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    so now we need to create that pot of gold right

    how to do this

    To start just contact

    Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation

    and say you support the the "incentive prize program" and you are willing to help.

    They are working on it as announced with a flier that was included in the 2011 W2W bag.

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    One way to be able to 'influence (our) foundations' is to show them that we have the ability to gather supporters.

    For example, something a foundation does is a waste, instead of talking about it here, you get people together and do something about it.

    Another way is to show them that you have a track record in getting together supporters/donations. This takes me to the next point and actually why I've been too busy to comment up to this point.

    I've been working with two women from Italy and France to put together some support for a paraplegic named Joe Kals ( who is walking across France using braces and crutches to raise money for CURE.

    I'll put another post out to announce the campaign but in the mean time I thought this to be a good topic for this thread.

    If we can get a lot of support for Joe and spread the word properly (the campaign will also give people a chance to send a short email to six major international newspapers) then as a group we can offer support or criticize with a good track record. We show that we're not just people with good ideas but also do the work.

    For this campaign, I'm wondering if there are a few/many people who would like to volunteer and help make sure that the message is spread. Want to help with social media? Have a car wash? Write to newspapers in your hometown? Organize a Joe Kals relay? Anything that you think will spread the word and build support and money for Joe and cure.

    The problem why many haven't heard about Joe is that everything has been limited to French. We're trying to rectify that by making sure things are in multiple languages.

    Let's show the foundations that we are a force to be reckoned with not just because we're smart but because we're willing to do the hard work necessary.

    If you want to help, leave a message on this thread or contact me at
    Dennis Tesolat

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    The messge of Joe Kals should get to foundations, politics etc:

    "Since my accident and subsequent rebirth thirty years ago, I have never stopped feeding my spirit with the people I have met; now, I believe it is time to give something back to life. This is why, in june 2011, I intend to use my leg braces to walk from Le havre to Menton - a 1325km stretch over +/- 5 months. Enabling disabled people to go anywhere is a utopian dream, unacheivable unless we destroy montains, fill in ravines, and concrete the whole planet to make it flat. How terrible...and only so that a minority could live decently. I'd rather we kept our stairs, mountains, and everything else that makes life beautiful. My aim is to touch people, to raise awareness, and to collect funds to support research. If my life could serve a greater purpose, it would be for this. It is my wish that in the near future, man would not be restricted by his physical condition and could continue to live with dignity."

    Here you can send a message of support to him and also to the media:


    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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