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Thread: Burger's

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    Though there are none around my area...

    White Castle!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QnMary View Post
    Culvers is my favorite: butter burgers and onion rings, yum!
    I 2nd Culvers- triple bacon deluxe minus the veggies x2

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    Mooyah Burger w/fries. YUMMY!!!

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    In and Out Burger is the best by far.
    Although I love the burgers at Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake too. Definitely agree with P Masden there.

    I go there on Friday nights to eat and look at the old vintage cars. Great night out.
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    I thought White Castle were menat to be horrific ? Never taste d one though so am suprised to hear the comments. Might have to try one next time in the midwest

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    I guess I'm completely out of the loop cuz the only burger places I have tried that were mentioned is Culvers & Burger King...both not one of my favorites. My favorite place to go for burgers is Harveys which is a local sit down restaurant here.

    BTW..that pic of the burger looks
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    Red Robin or homemade for burgers, but Dairy Queen has the best chicken sandwich.

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    Fast food burgers it's got to be zips................

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