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Thread: iBot 4000 for sale!

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    iBot 4000 for sale!

    I have an iBot 4000 for sale. It was a running chair the battery charger is missing, and the batteries are dead. The left side foot rest release leaver is broken.
    here are a few pictures

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    how much?

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    I was thinking $2,000.... but may consider reasonable offers.

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    It will not let me PM.... you guys back not sure why send your emails over a PM if interested


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    What town and state do you live in.

    Ibot will not repair or sell parts for these things unless you own one already. I'm thinking of buying one for parts when they stop servicing them in a couple years.

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    Yes I know 2012 or 2014 is when they are going to stop....?
    I am in Seattle, WA

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    Is the chair still available? How long has it been since the chair was last used, before the battery was dead? Is it in good working condition? Can it still climb stairs, balance mode, etc.? Do you know the last programmed weight for the user (I've heard that it needs to be programmed for a specific weight which cannot be changed except by the manufacturer)? Would you be willing to drop it off at a FedEx or UPS in your area and I'll pay the purchase/shipping costs?

    Thank you,
    Brett Woods

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    I will give you a call and we can organize shipping.

    Once again I can not respond to PM's so leave email if you want to be contacted


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    Is it still available?

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