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Thread: Backup manual chair

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    Backup manual chair

    Hi all, I know this will not be an easy question to answer over the internet, but I’m looking for a manual wheelchair as a backup, primarily for travel if I am unable to use my power chair. I’m C4/5 complete, 6’4”. I would want a chair that would be able to accommodate a Personal Back. I would not be able to propel the chair myself, but I still want something lightweight. Suggestions?

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    I'm a C5 and use tilite aero z with a matrix backrest that provides some lateral support

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    Are you looking for a basic "folding" chair or recliner, tilt etc?

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    just something basic

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    You might want to post this in the exchange forum. "Want to buy: Manual chair"

    Post your measurements.

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    You can fit a personal back on any chair that has back canes. A basic $100 (hospital) chair will work.
    Invacare Trecer EX2 is what I would recommend if you are looking for least expensive.

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    landrover i sent you a private message

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    You might consider getting a folding frame chair, like the Quickie 2Lite, or one that is even lighter, like the TiLite wheelchairs that fold. Both of these have push handles as a option, so someone would still be able to push you around, but it would also be light enough to put in a car easily or for the other person to push for long periods of time.

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