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Thread: Hospital way changing bed linen

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    Hospital way changing bed linen

    I recalled back and I remember that nurse changing the bed linen with one flat linen only and resulting a very tight bed sheet. Can anyone show me how to tight the flat linen just the way nurse does? Thank you.

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    That is pretty old fashioned....I have not worked in a hospital that did not have fitted bottom sheets (with elastic in the corners) for over 25 years. While you can make a tight bottom sheet with traditional hospital corners with a flat sheet, it rarely stays that way once the patient is in the bed, esp. if they move around on their own, and invariably the sheet comes loose and wads up under the patient. If you really must do this, here is a resource:


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    Each time my care giver pull my body, the bed sheet will pull together. Just want to find out a way to make sure that the bed linen is always tight.

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    Fitted bottom sheets stay in place, and tight much better than flat sheets. Knit bottom sheets are better for your skin than woven fabric as well.


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    Before fitted sheets were common we used to take a flat sheet and tie a knot with the two upper corners behind the mattress then tuck in the top and sides. It worked great for restless people and when the head of bed is raised and lowered alot. We would also take thick, flannel-like mattress covers and turn sideways on top of the bedsheet to use as a turn-sheet. However, you would have to be more careful not to compromise a specialty mattress nowadays.

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    now I'm using similar like as below that is tight on 4 side only. But it's still move when my body is pull.

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    I only have flat sheets since the fire.

    I do the knot thing on my airmattress bed, and hospital corners on the regular bed.

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