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Thread: On the road again!!

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    On the road again!!

    I took advantage of a beautiful 72 degree, sunny South Carolina day and called a friend. He came over, I got in my van with my power chair, and attempted to transfer to/from my van seat. I had been dreading the moment because of the possible negative result. With my elevating chair seat I was able to transfer downhill both ways. It is easier than before my wheelchair and fracture problems. I guess the rubber band and RIC aerobics did the job. I will do a short trip to the super market tomorrow. Joy to the world!

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    Awesome news! Excellent!
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    Thats great!!
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    YO DA MAN!

    I get to say "told you so" twice, the seat elevator's a game changer and, you can't keep a good man down.

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    Awesome, I need somebody to race against. Better get your driving gloves on..

    Onward & Upward,


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    Great news! I am happy for you, and could you please send some of that warm weather up to New England when you are finished with it?

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    Knew you would get there

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    vroom vroom grandpa sci! i am glad you got out and had some fun!
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