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    Family time

    This was going to be a vent, but it's not really because I'm grateful for the time we had together. I had a Christmas party this morning for my Sunday School class. I never know how many I will have in class, so I prepared 8 goody bags. I was able to give out five. After service this morning we had to vote for a new Pastor. We didn't get out of church until 1:45 because we had to vote twice.

    My family and I had planned on having our Christmas dinner at my place today, Sunday, between 1:30 and 2pm. It was just me and my immediate family. I didn't get to my place until 1:50 and my family had already started eating. That's really not that big of a deal, but it would have been nice if it wouldn't have taken so long at church so I could have been there when my family arrived. Looking back on it, I should have left right after we did the second vote. But I waited to make sure we weren't going to have to do anything else. Oh and when I was leaving church I bumped into my friends boyfriend's truck. Thankfully it didn't do any damage to either vehicle.

    We finish eating and the children open their gifts and around 3pm I feel like I have to go to the bathroom. I get in there, but don't make it on the toilet. So I have to spend time cleaning myself up while my family is there. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes to see if I had to do anything else and I didn't. I usually go to the bedroom to lean on the bed to pull my pants up but I couldn't since my family was there. I guess I strained some pulling my pants up and had another accident. It would be great when I get my bowel issues straightened out for good. So I had to spend a good thirty to forty minutes cleaning myself up when I should have been enjoying our Christmas get together. The very disappointing thing was that everyone left around 4 pm. It would have been nice if everyone would have stayed until 5:30 or 6. It's like you spend so much time preparing and doing things and everything is over in 2 hours. I just wish my family would spend more time together, but we're not a close family.

    Another thing, my dad fell on Thursday and broke his shoulder in three places. He has to have surgery on his shoulder Tuesday morning. Last year during Christmas time he fell and broke some ribs so he didn't go to any Christmas get togethers. I hope he will feel like going this year to my aunts on Christmas eve and my brother's on Christmas day.

    Oh and this evening three cars were brokend into during church services. I leave my car unlocked because it's nearly impossible to unlock, but no one would get anything if they broke into mine.
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