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Thread: Question for any Researcher

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    Question for any Researcher

    If you believe that bladder/bowel function can be returned (hopefully in less than ten years - do you know how many pills you would save people if they could only hold their urine!?!?) ... what about afterwards?

    I notice some people that are spared their bladder, at least, suffer from urge incontinency and only have minutes to get to a washroom.

    Do you suspect this could happen? No way to measure this in a rat I suppose?

    I guess what I'm asking is if you believe it will ever be the same (bladder and/or bowels) pre-paralysis? Though I think I just answered my own question because the muscles would be kaput - fibres only.

    (I have Transverse Myelitis so not sure if nerve grafts would work with me but I am placing my last hopes that they will).
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    Lynnifer, I know you "don't believe" but it seems to me that return of bladder and bowel function would be a lot more convenient if walking were returned too. I don't know if I want to sit in a wheelchair bursting to go to the loo and being unable to get in............

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    Better running than walking.

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    I loved running...............

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    i loved walking as well... I loved peeing... I loved pooping... I loved handling things etc.....
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    oh I remember running!

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    Running is the thing I do in my dreams, It is so easy, it is just to start and then it feels like flying. Are we going to remember and dream about those things forever?
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