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Thread: Another Chronic SCI Trial Recruiting

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    Smile Another Chronic SCI Trial Recruiting

    TotipotentRX Cell Therapy Pvt. Ltd. is starting a new clinical trial. The 3 publications at the bottom of the recruiting page are very interesting also.

    TotipotentRX Cellular Medicine™ is a private company based in Los Angeles and New Delhi having experience in developing, licensing, managing, and publishing pre-clinical and early phase human clinical trials specific to the use of autologous and allogeneic cells for regenerative medicine applications, including the healing of damaged tissues and/or organs.
    The company conducts human clinical trials in accordance with cGCP guidelines with a staff of specially trained managers, quality engineers, technical personel, and advisors having expertise in the field of regenerative medicine, from basic through clinical research. TotipotentRX will also set up laboratories in select Fortis hospitals to process stem cells before transplanting them in the patients, the company said. As part of the alliance, a stem cell medical board will be created to oversee the medical research programme, ensure execution and monitor the progress following international and Indian ethical guidelines, Fortis said.
    The board will also impart training and create awareness about the benefits of stem cell therapy across India, it added.
    Speaking on the collaboration TotipotentRX CEO Kenneth Harris said: "This collaboration allows us to carry out advanced clinical research, aimed at addressing quality of life improvements for several healthcare challenges in India."
    TotipotentRX Cell Therapy is a subsidiary of TotipotentRX Corporation (MK Alliance Group company), a leading integrated regenerative medicine service and technology organisation headquartered in Los Angeles. Stem cell therapy is widely recognised for its proven ability to repair and regenerate damaged and diseased organs and tissues, the company said.

    A few of the trials have been updated here and there if you want to look around a little bit if you haven't been into the chart recently.
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