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Thread: Most custom chair

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    I've had two RGK's and they were both total crap. Both were shimmed with extra thick washer under one caster fork housing! Second was a replacement due to damage to first while in transit. It arrived made from some really low end titanium and rolled worse than the first so I gave it to a guy in need.
    Not wanting to bash, just saving people from an expensive mistake.[/QUOTaE]

    thats a shame, where did you buy them? ive only had one, but it was bulletproof. once fell out a 2nd story window and just got scratched. i bought mine from the iwa shop in dublin (2000) so it came direct from the factory in staffordshire. i went out there about a year later to get them to weld on a receiver for an antitipper (i hadnt originally ordered one) and got a tour of the facility - was very impressed. i had a chrome-moly chair though - i have heard of a few issues with the titanium chairs for very heavy users.......
    First one was hand delivered by Keith to me in Belfast. He was the "K" in "RGK" Second was shipped to U.S. That chair wouldn't roll the length of itself once you stopped pushing. From what I see in Europe where there are some fantastic chairs, Oracing looks to me to be the company that will dominate that market. That's a big market but making it in America could prove to be very tough due to todays shipping tariffs.

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    This is just my 2 cents. Any company that replicates the Halls chair complete with the very high standard of finish!!! Will sell some chairs. hint hint

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    Totally agree!!

    Quote Originally Posted by roller View Post
    This is just my 2 cents. Any company that replicates the Halls chair complete with the very high standard of finish!!! Will sell some chairs. hint hint
    I cant even tell you how right that is. I am looking everywhere and nothing compares to my Halls. Is there a way we can replicate it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    Out there are a few brands who do custom wheelchairs, my choice is Oracing, they custom everything, .
    Here are a few pics that would show you the really meaning of custom wheelchairs, probably not the coolest chair, but the most customized a have never seen, btw the guy of the pic is not the owner of the chair, is a welder that have sat in the chair for you can see the funtion of it.
    I don`t know what kind of insurence will need to be seating like that but sure it will be a pain in the arse each time you want a transfer.

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    Beautiful. Whoever it is for probably never dreamed he'd have a chair so perfect for his needs. Another Oracing triumph.

    Thanks for posting, surely there is someone who will stumble across those pics and realize their seating/mobility could be improved upon.

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