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Thread: good touch lamps?

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    good touch lamps?

    I have one that is now turning on by itself all the time, has anyone else had this problem? My neighbor thought it more likely my electrical outlets than the lamp but I'm skeptical so I'm curious of others experiences. thanks.
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    If the touch lamp has worked up until now, it is highly unlikely that the problem is in your electrical outlets. It may be possible that electrical power outages and surges have fried/compromised/destroyed the touch mechanism. We've (in the bay area) had our fair share in the past few weeks of outages and surges.

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    Temporary quick power outages will do that. My lamp wasn't damaged by them though.

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    I hate touch lamps. I had several that died, and you can't put an energy saving bulb in them without them going POOF rather dramatically.

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    they make the gizmo that goes in the wiring that will ground out and turn itself on, i've had to change mine out on one of mine from a surge, like 5 bucks at lowes, but saved a nice light.....but most likely that's the problem it's just the switch going bad........

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    It has gotten worse lately but it started doing it I think not too long after buying it. How do you know when you've had a power surge?

    thanks airart I'll try to find that part.
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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