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Thread: Sacral Nerve Stimulation(SNS)

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    Sacral Nerve Stimulation(SNS)

    I have been doing some research into sacral nerve stimulation and would like to know if this proceedure can work for a caudia equina injury such as my own to attempt to restore bladder and bowel function.I would be grateful for any relevant feedback

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    were you ever able to find any more info on this?

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    Are you thinking of sacral stimulation to prevent "accidents" or rather to poop on demand (which would likely reduce/prevent "accidents")?

    I just googled Sacral Nerve Stimulation and saw that it has a very good result for preventing INcontinence, but it wasn't clear that it helped one to poop on demand as I don't think that was looked at with that study.

    Hmmmm. Scott.

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