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Thread: Protecting the car from a wheelchair stratches

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    Protecting the car from a wheelchair stratches

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how to prevent a car from being stratched by a wheelchair? My friend and I are going to an event next week and she doesn't want her car to be stratched, especially when I am transferring into the passenger side seat. Does anyone have an ideas on how to prevent this and how to prevent the leather from being stratched or ripped in the backseat? (the wheelchair will be folded and placed in the backseat). Please let me know. Thanks in advance!- Jess

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    I dont know aout a temporary solution, but to prevent my chair from scratching my cars paint we put this clear plastic film on the bottom called clear mask. Kind of like what they put of helicopter blades to help prevent erosion. However, you can not pull this up (atleast not by yourself) or you will tear all the paint off. and as for protecting the seat, covering it with a cheapt seat cover of sheets can held.

    They also creat pads that go along the frame of the wheelchair that would cushion your chair against the car so it wouldnt scratch. Im not sure what these are called but they just strap on the front part of the frame leading to the footrest
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    I use auto trim molding. It comes in different colors and widths. You just cut it to length and stick it on. You can put it on your rocker panels and doorway edges. Try your local autoparts store or JC Whitney online. I think 3M makes it. It is easy to find. If you cannot find it your local body shop can get it and put it on for you.

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    temporary solution - throw a thick blanket/jacket/etc between the car and wheelchair and then over the seat.

    permanant solution - find some friends that are less anal. It's just a car.

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    Her friend is not being anal. I wouldn't want to scratch another person's car either because redoing a paint job can be costly. That's the reason I never had my previous vehicle repainted after having my cousin remove the Chair Topper that was on it.

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    We usually put on a plastic film on the running boards of the car to prevent scratching
    sticks like sticky tape very easy to put on neat and easy to remove, the chair can also be fitted with rubber paddings also. i'd be a bit uneasy taking a lift if a friend keeps telling me not to do this and that in his/her car.

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