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Thread: Can I take gabapin and Lyrica at the sme time? pins and needles

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    Can I take gabapin and Lyrica at the sme time? pins and needles

    I started weening off gabapin and started taking Lyrica at the same time.
    I was taking 600mgs mgs gabapin 3 times a day
    50mgs of Lyrica one a day for 3 days then 2 a day for 3 then 3 a day and slowly down off gabapin.
    I am dieing of pins and needles. all night and day starting last night
    I think I can't stand not taking gabapin.I can't hadly get out of bed to type this.
    Pain Dr didn't call back to tell me how to get off gabapin while getting on Lyrica.
    12 yrs of this med.
    sorry got to go.
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    You really need to talk to your physician about this. He knows your history, other medications, you are on, etc. You may have come offof the GABA too fast. Please keep pushing him for answers.

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