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Thread: cushion???

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    I just switched to a vicair from a stimulite and I'm liking it so far. My transfers still need a little adjusting/work but it's going well.

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    i use a 16x16. the roho low profile has seemed to be the most comfortable for me yet i get tired of patching it and airing it up all the time. lasted bout 2 years before i couldnt patch it anymore.

    the stimulite contour i like because of its easy to wash and take care of yet it just seemed to be more stiff and only lasts soo many washes.

    didnt know if there were any new ones out there that would be good and not too heavy and tall. i want a low profile light one that i dont have to worry bout sores. lol
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    I'm using a Roho hybrid elite after years of using a Stimulite contour. Because the air bladder is so much smaller, I have had no problems with leaks in over a 18 months that I have had it.
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    I have found the Hybrid Elite for me is way too high...seems higher than the contour.

    I alternate between the Stimulite classic and the roho 4 chamber cushion.
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    I absolutely love the Varilite Evolution cushion, because it molds to your backside. Its made of foam and air and once you open the air valve, it will customize to your body shape to dramatically reduce pressure sores. Ever since I started using a Evolution cushion back in late 2009, I have not had a pressure sore. Prior to this, when I was using a Jay 2 cushion, I had a pressure sore that was very stubborn. That, and I was always worried that the gel pack in the Jay cushions would leak and create a sticky mess all over me and my wheelchair.
    The Evolution cushion is also super lightweight, so it doesn't add hardly any weight to a wheelchair.

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