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Thread: Please help...parents want to put me in a nursing home

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    Im wondering if her parents actually do need some extra help with care. maybe through this you can find some resorces you didnt know about. three weeks isnt enough time to find an apartment, as you may need to be on a waiting list. are you going to get occupational therapy? or learn life skills so you can avoid a nursing home?

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    The number for the hosp. is (909)596-7733. I hope its okay with the moderators. It's Casa Colina so I doubt it's a problem.

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    Sounds like you're taking control! You'll need this to go on and find your own place ... s'all good!
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    glad things are looking up! If the cell reception can handle it, feel free to text me if you're bored or want to talk! I know where I used to live the reception was horrible and it dropped calls or went straigt to voicemail; but texting always worked fine. I prefer texting too, I hate talking on the phone. (phone anxiety)
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    Hi All,
    I am still here at Casa and am getting daily PT and OT as well as speech for some unrelated conditions. I have hit the wall with emotions the last few days since it is the holidays, my brother is coming home on leave from the Army today (we generally get to see him once a year at Christmas since his home base is in Italy), tomorrow is my brothers birthday, etc. Monday, Dec 26th will be my 5 year injury anniversary, and 3 of my 4 major surgeries have been in December, so it is overall a hard month for me.
    My stubbornness actually got me somewhere the other day since we had a group SCI meeting on Friday (we have one every Friday) and I could not get in touch with my CNA or RN to help me out of bed so I could brush my hair (I was already dressed). With 5 minutes to go until the meeting, and not knowing if someone was going to come get me and take me, or if I was just expected to show up to some unknown room (to me), I decided to take matters into my own hands. The beds here have alarms on them that go off if the weight in the bed suddenly is removed. The alarm must be turned off before going to therapy, having your BP, etc. so I knew where the control was for it, I just had to learn how to turn it off. I have always been independent in my transfers anyways, so I knew that I wouldn't harm myself by transferring that one time without help. Wouldn't you know about two minutes after I turned the alarm off and was in the middle of brushing my hair my OT walks in to tell me where the meeting was. I told her what I had done, and she tested me later that day to make sure I could transfer without help to and from bed safely, then had PT test me to do the same, and once I proved myself safe to both PT and OT I was given a green band allowing me to transfer without assistance, which also allows me to have more independence here as to when and where I want to go.
    I will get a day pass tomorrow afternoon to go to my doctors office and have my spinal cord stimulator reprogrammed. I am hoping once this is done that I can have my IV removed (still getting IV pain meds) and not have to go up on my pain patch to control the constant pain I have been having.
    My rehab doc is wondering if I am not a higher level injury than we originally thought since I have a history of AD twice (at T10 I shouldn't get AD, usually it is T7 and above). I think at some point we are going to do a full ASIA test (which has never been done on me) and determine for sure if I am complete or incomplete and at which level my sensation starts to change, etc. I really like all the staff here so far. The Director of the hospital comes in once a day to see how things are going and make sure the staff are treating you well, that the food isn't coming with allergens, etc. The Director is actually really funny (I met him back in the beginning/middle of November when I had AD in Outpatient therapy and they called rapid response meaning that one of the doctors comes to assist, etc.). When he arrived he asked me if I could open my eyes, so I did and he introduced himself and asked if he was handsome, at which point I chuckled (not the right thing to do Mandy!) and he was like, what, you don't think I'm handsome? I said "No...both of you are" (I was seeing double) and he got a kick out of that. When I saw him around a few days later I said thank you to him, and he was like, "for what, I didn't do anything" and I told him thanks for talking me into going to the ER. He said " didn't really have a choice, but glad I could make you more comfortable with going" LOL.
    Anyways....enough of that story. My dad came to visit me the other day and having visits from my parents has been weird. Anyways, when he was here he was sitting in my chair (I was in bed) since I didn't have a bedside chair in my room. When he was in it, something popped REALLY loud, and we thought maybe it was a balloon that was in my room, but it was still floating. He checked my tires, and sure enough my left tire had blown. It scared everyone half to death. My dad didn't have the right size tire at home (he rides bikes), I couldn't even begin to think of where my spares were, and we didn't know if the hospital had spares since it was night and there was no one to check. The next morning I told everyone I could that my tire was popped so that hopefully my chair could get fixed ASAP and I wouldn't have to push a tank (aka hospital chair). With no luck, they had to bring the tank in (20x18 instead of my 17x17) and one of the PT aides later said that he would fix my tire or take it to the bike store up the street to get it fixed. To no avail, it didn't get fixed that day (Thursday), so Friday when we had the group SCI meeting I was still in the tank. When I went to PT (or maybe it was OT) later I went up to the aide and was like, "what chair am I in?" and you saw him sink behind a standing frame a bit "and what chair am I SUPPOSED to be in?" and he sinks even lower then tells me he will get it fixed that day he PROMISED and came around and gave me a big hug. Sure enough, he came up to my PT with about 30 min left in the session and asked if he could take the last 30 min of his shift to go get my tire fixed. So he went to my room, grabbed my wheel and off to the bike shop he went. I was hoping that my chair would be ready before I went back to my room, but he didn't show up and JUST as I was (slowly) pushing the tank out the door I hear "where are you going?" and I turn around and there he is, with MY chair in tow. I was never so excited to be pushing my chair, LOL. I transferred to the PT mat so I could get my cushion back on my chair, then transferred to MY chair and felt like I was in a sports car. Now I am back to zipping around the halls here (making trouble) as if nothing happened. I sure hope that is the last of my chair troubles while I am here!
    Anyways, I am going to log off now for a while. I am starting to get tired and want to go lay down. I will read some of the other threads on my phone, but wanted to update you all on how I am doing here at rehab.
    I definitely miss being on CC everyday, and I miss having my laptop to type from (I am in the patient library again). Hopefully my mom will bring my laptop soon so I can watch movies and post to CC more regularly.
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    Be carefull with your stuff. When I was in the VA center, every thing was stolen by the attendants.

    Good luck.
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    I liked your story. I hope this situation turns into a blessing for you.

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    I am glad you found a place that can help you. But I do have a few concerns. Can you work or do things alone at all? Do you drive? If not will you be able to after some therpy

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    this put a smile on my face! i'm glad you're doing great and getting the help you need. still sounds like your family needs counseling too....
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    Mandy, I am so proud of you and the positive attitude you show towards others. I'm sure your smiling manner makes the day a little brighter in a place that is so full of doom and gloom.

    Will call tomorrow to see how you're doing. Anything I can do, please don't hesitate to let me know. P.

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