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Thread: Please help...parents want to put me in a nursing home

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    GOOD NEWS!!!
    1) My mom brought my laptop so I am reading CC from the comfort of my bed. She is very hesitant about leaving it because of sticky fingers, but I think that I can hide it enough in my room that it will be okay. She is coming back tomorrow and will probably try and take it away from me, but I will try my hardest to keep it here for at least another night. Having my computer gives me the comfort of home and just makes me feel more normal, if that makes any sense.

    and for the REALLY BIG NEWS
    2) I did more standing in the standing frame with the PT today, did some standing in the parallel bars, and then the PT had me practice taking steps in the parallel bars. After we practiced stepping with both feet, she asked me if I wanted to try and take steps forward and I hesitated...but ultimately thought its now or never, so lets go! I was able to "walk" about half the distance of the parallel bars with one break to sit. My legs are super weak and wobbly, of course, but by locking my knees out and getting them unlocked when necessary for stepping I was able to get it done. It was a good feeling to ACTUALLY be taking steps.
    I am completely exhausted tonight and got a short nap in before my mom called and interrupted it, but she called to say she was bringing me my clothes that I needed and my laptop. The pain in my legs has been really bad tonight, but I go to get my spinal cord stimulator reprogrammed tomorrow so I am hoping that with the change in programming it decreases my pain the way it should and that my body somehow remembers what it is supposed to do and some of my function returns quickly after the programming.
    I will definitely keep you all posted.
    Pat, please call me after 5 or 5:30 if you can since I will be away most of the day with therapy and the spinal cord stimulator programming. I am missing my brothers birthday dinner, but I think it will be too much for my body to handle in one day, so I have decided to come back here and my family will bring me food when they are done at my favorite italian restaurant.
    Hope everyone here is doing well.
    SCI as a result of spinal surgery
    TiLite Aero Z!!!

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    Glad to hear things are getting better for you Mandy ,And CONGRATS on the walking and PT going so good.
    I have been away from the site for a few months and just checking all the news around here and found your posts.
    If your Mom is bringing up your laptop , see if she will stop at a comptuer store and get a lock for your laptop ,, I think you can get them pretty cheap and most laptops have a place onn the back to hook it to its like a small cable with a lock and you can lock it down as well.
    I know things do disapear in the hospitals quite a bit sometimes , and I have had my chair "Misplaced " a few times even though I use a Old Quicky TI the nurses cant tell the difference and they will just grab the first one they see to use it..I even was in a hospital that would keep trying to put my chair in the hallway because of space when they would come in and I always made sure it stayed right by the bed because of that..
    Good Luck

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    keep moving forward!!!!

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    CurvySAT05, that's great!

    If it's small enough, you could stick your laptop in your pillowcase, underneath the pillow. Of course, that only works IF you can be sure nobody is going to come change the bed and accidentally dump it out...

    Glad you're doing so well. Big hug!

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