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Thread: Dave going to hospital

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    Wow-thank you all so very, very much.
    He has a high blood sugar count which would explain (DKA) some of the behavior. He was just crashing. They are looking for other infections......ooops gotta go.

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    Oh, thank heaven that's what it is - and if he has infections, I pray they will be discovered and treated right away. Thank you for this update!

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    thanks for the update linda, hope they get it under control
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    That's a relief Linda.
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    Sending you a PM with contact info. if you need me. Thanks for the update!

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    It was just so good to see a post from you and learn that there seems to be a good explanation for this morning's events. We are sitting on pins and needles awaiting news from you.

    You are quite a trooper, dear one, and your Dave is quite a guy!!!!

    All the best,
    GJ and NL

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    I hope they find the problem soon! Try to get a good night's rest. Easier said than done, I know.
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    Linda, hope the news continues to be more good than bad. - 'stashboy
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    Glad things are under control!

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    oh goodness!!! i am hoping they can give him some relief!!
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