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Thread: Dave going to hospital

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    There for you Limda. Did you ever reach someone at the VA? If needed push for a transfer to Minneapolis. While he is inpatient, transfers happen easier.
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    Hoping everything is ok, remember to take a deep breath, this too shall pass.

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    I'm sending positive thoughts for both of you. Take a deep breath. Deb

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    I hope it turns out well for the both of you. What is a nuisance for an AB person can be major for someone with SCI. Stay on top of the situation and don't let them pooh-pooh anything.
    Best wishes
    - Richard

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    Oh dear, sounds like a very scary day. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious and that you'll both be feeling better soon.

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    Thinking of you two and hoping for the best.
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    I'm hoping for the best, Linda.

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    I hope everything is ok, Linda.

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    You're already ahead of the game when you decide early to get into emergency. Better safe than sorry. stay on top of things as rfbdorf says.

    Sending love from the West Coast

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    Wonder what's going on? Please keep us updated and best thoughts for both of you!
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