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Thread: Dave going to hospital

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    Hang in there you two!

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    Hoping for the best, Linda.

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    Hi Linda,

    How are things going now?? Are the sugars coming down? I have been in DKA four times just since May . It is absolutely no fun at all!! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!!

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    Hope Dave is doing better and your taking care of youself also.
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    I've been giving him shots and learning about diabetis. Seems he will need one before meals and a long lasting one at night.
    Hopeful for a discharge tomorrow. I've been staying here at night because the blow call light is unreliable no matter what they try.
    A kidney doc coming later because something about an Ion Gap/biocarb/metabolic acidosis?
    Do people with SCI have different readings?
    He looks like a pincushion poor guy.
    Thanks for you good wishes everyone.

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    Unfortunately, Diabetes is not uncommon in people with SCI. And whilevI am not sure of his numbers, one thing I have learned living with a diabetic is that unless they are Very high (which given his confusion, I am assuming they were), it is better to bring the sugars down a little slower than quick. If theynare very high, then you need to get them to a manageable level quickly! He will be so much better once they are controlled.
    I know it is another thing to worrybabout.... Believe me when I say, this is one thing I understand from living with it. however, it is very manageable and once you get to know the foods he reacts to, it gets easier.
    Hang in there!

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    Ugh! Diabetes? That's the last thing you guys need to deal with. However, I'm diabetic, myself, and can say that it's a manageable disease. It takes a bit to get used to it, but it's not difficult and begins to be just like everything else after awhile. I just wish you didn't have this additional challenge on top of everything else.

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    Linda, I am sorry that you and Dave have this new issue to deal with, but now that he's been diagnosed and started on a treatment plan, things will start to get better. Maybe some of Dave's recent health issues were indications that this problem was already beginning to rear its head, but the doctors didn't suspect it until now. I hope that Dave is able to be discharged soon, and that both of you can get some much-needed rest. Thank you for keeping us posted, and continued good thoughts and blessings!

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    Hope you are getting some rest for yourself too. Keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Linda / Dave
    you both are so very special to me
    I am thinking / praying for Dave /You just give him a big ol Tx hug from me

    Love ya both

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