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Thread: essaye de la 4 aminopyridine (4ap)

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    essaye de la 4 aminopyridine (4ap)

    y a t'il des personnes sur se forum qui ont déja entendu parler de la 4aminopyridine,des personnes qui l'on testé tout en voulant savoir les avantages et les inconvenients de se médicament,avez vous entendu parler aussi de la fampridine

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    can somebody translate?

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    "y has to you it people on forum who have déja heard speak about the
    4aminopyridine, of the people who one tested while wanting to know
    the advantages and the disadvantages of drug, intended to also speak
    about the fampridine"

    This is the gibberish that the internet translator spit out.

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    Thanks, I got a similar translation and was uncertain of what the person is requesting.

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    Thank you, George.

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    I think that :
    "Is there on this forum some people who heard about 4-AP, some people who tried it, what about benefits and risks of 4-AP, did you heard also about fampridine?"
    is the real meaning...
    Anyway, Goerge gave the good link for french speacking people...


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    As-tu trouve toutes les responses que tu as besoin?

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    Apparently, this person wants to hear from someone who has tried aminopyridine... whether it works or not.

    I would like to try it myself - I have been paraplegic for over a year, with a lot of return, but I am now stagnating. I would like to know how I can participate in a clinical trial, or where I can purchase the drug - as some people seem to be able to do.

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    There are thousands of posts concerning 4-AP on this site. Do a search (find) for "4-ap" or "4-aminopyridine" or "Fampridine".

    Please see the following topic

    The 4-AP List

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