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    An update... I got a referral to the Mayo Clinic SCI program ( and am scheduled for three days of tests in mid January. Scheduling me for 3 days of tests is encouraging, it means that hopefully the will find out what is causing all this, at the very least they are taking it seriously. I am not sure I won't be totally insane with another month of sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night but sanity has never been my long suit anyway

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    That is good news. Half of the battle IS to be taken seriously.
    Lack of sleep can make a person insane. What is your short suit?
    You will have to give me your impression of the Mayo SCI docs.

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    Good luck Tom, hope they can fix ya up. I haven't slept more than 3-4 hours for 20 years, and even that much is not in one fell stretch.

    I'm going to the doctor today myself. I've been insane for years.
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    Tom I totally relate to your pain and all
    I hardly sleep because bad pain
    Keep me posted on your progress
    I hope you feel better
    Pain plain sucks

    Sincerely ;

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    Thanks guys. Judy I hope you get some relief, your pain sounds horrid. You are always in such a good mood and friendly in spite of being in such pain, it is truly admirable. My struggle isn't really with pain, it is more just the discomfort and loss of balance and movement that comes from my back muscles being seized. I imagine it is like having your spine fused from S1 to T2. Anyway, another lump of coal from Saint Nick...

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    Sorry, Tom. I hope they can help you.

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