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Thread: need suggestions on new hand controls

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    need suggestions on new hand controls

    so I am looking at getting some new hand controls and would really like suggestions. thanks guys

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    what kind of hand controls do you drive with now?
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Suregrips are nice and easy install too.
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    I am not sure they are portable. I think the ones colours sells. I want something more perminate

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    We really like installing Suregrips and think they make a great set of hand controls.

    MPS & MPD also make great hand controls.

    I think the biggest issue is getting a quality installation of hand controls.
    You can have the best hand controls in the world, but if there not fit and modified to your specific needs they wont work well for you.

    Do you want a installation from someone who just completed a two hr online course on hand control installation or someone who's installed hundreds of hand controls?

    I'd want my hand controls installed by a master craftsman.

    btw: If i needed to drive with hand controls, there's no way i'd ever do it with portables.
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Monarch mps , I have been using those for over 18 years. They respond quickly and I have never exeprienced a problem with them. Good luck!

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    my OT suggested menox, monarch, and sure grips, I'd really like to look at them.

    I am not to sure about menox they do look interesting and I was told that I could do a corse with them. I don't think they can be used in a mini van or an suv.

    I like the lock out feature on the sure grips as able bodied people do drive my auto.

    monachs look good.

    so many to choose from. and I know there's more

    anyone have the menox

    I'd like to see reviews on them

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    Love my sure arm fatigue and I can keep both hands close to the steering wheel.
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    I have the Menox and I absolutely LOVE them. The week after I got them installed I was driving down Interstate 5 in San Diego when a motorcyclist who had just passed me on the left started coming into my lane. He leaned a bit too far and fell, sliding a good 40 feet. I pressed forward (brake) as hard as I could and managed to avoid running this guy over. In my book, the Menox saved a (stupid) mans life.

    I love that the Menox are right side mounted. I have them installed in my Toyota Rav4, which is a small SUV. I'm sure they can be mounted in an SUV or Van. I have had my set for a year and a half (I was doing a BAD thing and driving with my "stronger" left foot prior to that) and they were worth every penny. My installation is very clean and they look stock. I have AB's who drive my car all the time, so having the Menox attached won't prevent others from driving your car.

    I also love that they are push for brake and pull for gas. It is either one or the other, there is no gray area. With Monarch and some of the others, you can be rocking for gas and have an "oh shit" situation (like the man falling off his motorcycle in front of me) and be pressing on the gas AND the brake at the same time. I didn't like that ability so I stayed well away from Monarch. I do realize that over time you will get used to this, but why take 10+ hours of drivers training to learn how to SAFELY use a hand control. I took a 2 hour adaptive drivers training class with the Menox hand controls and was certified as safe to drive with them, allowing the conversion guy to install them.

    If you want I can try and take some pictures of my Menox controls today and add them to this thread. I will be out and about all day, so please give me a little bit of time.

    SCI as a result of spinal surgery
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    I use a set made by MPD, which stands for Mobility Products Design. I like them.

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