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Thread: Found my buddy after 26 years in the water

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    Oh Patrick, What a shock and mixed feelings you must all have.
    How are you feeling about all of this?

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    Thanks guys, It's not about me, I'm doing okay. I'm sure you have all gone thru this or are going thru it now. Yeah, the thoughts just come and go. A few make me smile a few made me sad. It was neat that a few of us were just talking about him a few days ago.

    I think both parents passed away sometime ago. It gives me the hibbie gibbies thinking of being under water for 26 years and finally coming to the surface. We spoke a few weeks before he died and he had a feeling he would end up being "crab food" as he put it. He and a buddy inadvertently bagged some clams or crab in a protected area and he felt terrible about it.

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    Patrick, I read the title and thought a favorite possession found in the lake--I was stunned when I opened the post.

    I too am hoping for closure for everyone. After 26 yrs, it is something I never would have expected.

    Condolences to his circle of friends and family.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Oh but Patrick - you and I both know his soul rose above the water many years ago - only his shell remained below. But now for his remaining loved ones comes the beginning of the end at long last - I do wish you all peace !

    He kind of looked like Sonny Bono except bulkier - stronger - a sad very story!

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    sorry for your loss, brings up old wounds and pain.



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    I read this post last night as I met Peter in rehab also. I heard he died scuba diving but didn't know he wasn't found. I was 15 at the time so my Mom knew Peter better. Feel terrible for his brother but glad he was found.

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    RIP. Condolences..

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    It is indeed incredible that his body never left the bay. One article I read about him said his body, still in the wetsuit, was weighted down by his heavy equipment.

    I wish you and his family peace in this difficult time.

    All the best,

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    RIP, so sorry for your loss, I'm sure finding him brings both pain and closure.

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    Im glad they have some closure.
    My uncle was never found. He was a young man, and was invited to Hawaii to surf. He went out on a boat with friends and only one person came back, or we would have never known what happened to him.

    He was probably shark food.
    I dont know if he had a premonition, but before he went to hawaii, he saved me from drowning in a tide pool hole at ocean beach.

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