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Thread: bathroom not accessible at grocey store.

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    bathroom not accessible at grocey store.

    I went grocery shopping last week, and the store I visited did not have their bathrooms handicapped accessible. So I had to go to another nearby store. Is there anything I can do to so that the store remodels their bathroom? I do not want someone else to experience what I did. Thank you all for the feedback.

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    Is it a large chain grocery store?
    Did you talk to management?
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    I do not know if it is a large chain grocery store. And I did not talk to management. Next time I visit the place I will make sure to take care of that.

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    Around here it can depend on how old the structure is they can "grandfather" in remaining none ADA compliant until a major renovation occurs, I went to our office today first time since i was injured and guess what no ADA bathroom and no elevator to the second floor where our board meeting was taking place...

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